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Voices of New York Chorus



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Voices of New York Chorus' Mary Homan
Voices of New York Chorus
Voices of New York Chorus
Voices of New York Chorus


VONY Member - 2 years


"I’m starting my second year with the choir and it’s a great group of people. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. Mary our Director is excellent and such a good teacher. She makes us sound better than I thought possible. I’m really enjoying it!"

VONY Member - 31 years


"The Voices of New York community chorus offers a wonderful way to learn about music and discover the joys of choral performance."

VONY Member - 1 year


"Good times!  Everyone is friendly and enthusiastic, and Mary is a wonderful conductor with an extensive and diverse repertoire collection.  So glad I joined!"

VONY Member - 20 years


"I like being in the chorus because of the nice variety of music that we have such as folk music, classical, old popular standards, show tunes  religious, spirituals. 

Mary is a great conductor because she's very knowledgable about music, very supportive, and makes the sessions fun. I learned a lot from her. 

I like that chorus rehearsals are only once a week for just 2 hours as I'm busy since I work.

The chorus members are very nice and I have formed friendships with some of the people in the group. I have done a lot of solos which I enjoy besides singing with the group." 

VONY Member - 1 year


“Since joining in 2017 my singing confidence has boomed. Every week we have challenging and beautiful music to study and share. Mary's expertise brings out the best in us and our harmonies - I'm so happy I found this chorus!”

VONY Member - 10 years


"I was warmly welcomed into the chorus and have learned so much! I still cannot read music but every year I ​learn to sing beautiful classical pieces as well as show tunes and traditional songs​. 

Our director Mary is a wonderful conductor - demanding and supportive with an encyclopedic knowledge and passion for music of all kinds, choral music in particular. Under her leadership we have sung Haydn and Hoagy Carmichael, Bach and Bachrach, madrigals and Broadway ballads. It's been a very rewarding experience and I look forward to each term."

VONY Member - 1 years


"When I was given the opportunity to sing in a choir I did not know I would experience so much joy. I had always loved hearing music created « together « and Voices of New York did not disappoint me.

Mary is a wonderful musician, a fun and strong teacher/conductor, her eclectic music choices are inspiring and I can’t wait for the next concert rehearsals to resume!"

VONY Member - 24 years


 "One of the greatest experiences of my life. Wonderful director, and wonderful veteran chorus. Consider joining us, you won't regret it."


Rehearsals are on Mondays


in Chelsea, (West 20s), NYC

Please contact Mary for infomation regarding auditions, our performances, and bookings.

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